Aksel ARJ Electronic Timetable is an application dedicated for train drivers. It allows for dynamic display of timetable during vehicle movement.


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Timetable visualisation is done using on-board terminals installed in the train driver's console.


The train driver has the possibility to select train number or order number from the terminal. After the selection the terminal displays the relevant timetable.


The data on the implementation status of the current commercial timetable, typically presented on the operator panels in the driver's cabin, can also be combined with the Passenger Information System, so they can be displayed in real time on display panels installed in the vehicle.


The data presented by the system is automatically downloaded from the railway infrastructure operator's servers using SKRJ WebService, to precisely reflect updated train timetables.


In addition, the train driver has the possibility to display changes to the Permanent Warning List. In order for this functionality to be operational, the Operator has to make relevant documents available.


The most important features of Aksel ARJ software:

  • the application is installed by us on robust and reliable Deuta-Werke terminals
  • the timetable data is downloaded in real time from the railway network operator's servers - the data is checked every hour, so all timetable changes, special orders, test runs etc. are available in our timetable in real time, immediately after they appear on SKRJ servers.  
  • Aksel ARJ electronic timetable reflects current job tickets, but in addition it: 

- automatically tracks the current vehicle location and marks it in the timetable - GPS location by default, but switchable to tracking of travel time, distance travelled (from vehicle wheels) or full manual control.
- displays real time left to departure and possible real-time delays - specific values are calculated based on comparing the current GPS position, current time, and planned departure time; moreover, if a train does not stop at a certain station and it passes through with a delay, such an information is also displayed in the train driver's console terminal.
- the application continuously informs about permanent warnings and changes thereto – based on the current position it displays the relevant section of the timetable and all the warnings related to the line section on which the train is moving (only if the Client provides the warning list in digital format).

  • The software interoperates with Passenger Information Systems, also with regard to their control, so:
    - the need for separate logging of the train driver to the Passenger Information System is eliminated, meaning that after logging on to the Aksel ARJ timetable and selecting the relevant train number, the information is immediately sent to the Passenger Information System and displayed on the information panels (the control of display content is done at all stations along the entire route, according to the timetable).
    - based on the data about the timetable it can determine the train and station types, meaning that the system knows on which stations the train stops according to the timetable and changes the messages on the PIS boards.
    - allows for review of the actual display board status – by receiving feedback messages from the Passenger Information System and displaying them on our terminals.
    - can control special messages – voice and text
  • the software supports various login methods:

- from the screen – using PIN (e.g. train driver ID and unique password)
- from an additional terminal – using a specially configured access card

  • after logging in, the best matching trains (commercial timetables) are prompted based on the current time and vehicle's geographical location.