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SumPro software was developed in 2001 in response to the needs of municipal guard units to create a uniform system supporting the work of all officers. The first module introduced to the software was traffic ticket evidence. Since then, the software is used by more and more municipal guard officers working in different units. This is due to the fact that SumPro is being constantly developed and expanded, offering more functionalities to municipal guards and town halls. Thanks to continuous development the software can be used as a unified system, supporting the work on many levels related to daily operation of municipal guard units and town halls.


 is designed for stand-alone as well as networked operation on tens of workstations in a municipal guard's wide area network.

We are open to any proposals of modifications and improvements to SumPro in order to enhance the comfort of work for our users.

Key functionalities:

  • 10 modules
  • approx. 100 reports and printouts
  • data import and export from the vehicle and driver database (Cepik)
  • import of photos from speed cameras and red light cameras
  • data export to e.g. Taxi+, Otago, Rekord systems