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Analog and digital communications systems, radios and dedicated solutions for public safety.


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In emergency situations, such as road accidents, fires, floods or other natural disasters, quick access to information is of critical importance. Immediate response can save lives (sometimes even fractions of a second can make a difference between life and death). Aksel's solutions for the public safety sector and government agencies and administration are designed to improve the effectiveness of operational activities and the safety of both the officers and the general public.


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Digital Mobile Radio systems – comprehensive package of portables, mobiles, repeaters and accessories, easily customizable to the needs of your organisation.


TETRA solutions – find out more about the offer of Motorola's TETRA radios, dedicated for mission critical applications.


Dispatcher systems – Aksel offers its proprietary ConSEL dispatcher system, operating with MOTOTRBO devices. ConSEL dispatcher console allows for voice communications, text messaging, alarm detection, user positioning and other features.


Software for Municipal Guards – a modern package supporting public institutions such as Municipal Guards and City Halls.