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Solutions for public utilities


przedsiebiorstwa komunalne lacznosc radiowa

Bearing in mind that public utilities provide a very broad range of services to local communities – from waste management and disposal to road maintenance and greenery – at Aksel we dedicated some of our specialized solutions aimed at improving productivity and quality of services offered and operational cost optimisation of public utility companies.
We tailor each of our solutions to the requirements and specific features of the client, to make maximum use of technological possibilities – Questions? Contact us.


DMR digital radio communications systems – thanks to digital technology, MOTOTRBO™ radios offer double the performance, better audio quality and integrated data applications.


TETRA terminals - Motorola's TETRA radios ensure quick and efficient communications (with group, individual, telephone, emergency calls, notification support), as well as reliable data transmission, useful in applications such as passenger information systems and vehicle and personal location monitoring.


Dispatcher systems – Aksel offers its proprietary ConSEL dispatcher system solution, operating with MOTOTRBO devices. ConSEL dispatcher console allows for voice communications, text messaging, alarm detection, user positioning and many other features.


InoFlota solutions – GPS position tracking, route planning and control, vehicle fleet management, workflow optimization, cost reduction.


The Power of Synergy, Satisfaction, Success




Aksel offers support for "maintenance" activities in hotel facilities, including the innovative SynergyMMS application designed for hotel maintenance management via a system of quick response to defects and failures. The software operates with Motorola radios, smartphones and hotel room phones allowing for automated task dispatch and reliable communications between the hotel staff. The SynergyMMS application has been implemented in several hundred facilities all over the world and is available in different language versions.
Hotel guests expect not only exceptional care, attention and high quality of service, but also safety and absolute discretion of hotel staff. Please familiarize yourself with our solutions, helping to both improve the work of the entire staff and enhance customer safety and satisfaction.


Synergy MMS

This comprehensive, easy-to-use management solution has been developed based on 30 years of industry experience. The application operates with most hotel systems. It supports not only communications between staff members, but first of all it helps reduce costs by analizing workload for particular staff members and precise forecasting of human resources necessary for facility operation and maintenance. The implementation of the system does not require significant financial expenses (the entire system operates in the cloud) and takes only up to two days.
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Motorola SL4000 series radios

Portable professional radios with "job ticketing" feature, ensuring immediate, reliable communications between staff members and supporting SynergyMMS application.

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PMR446 radios

Small, lightweight, simple to use voice communications devices. No permit required, no licence fees. Work great in everyday communications and organization of various events.

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Professional communications for large and small companies.




Aksel's broad offer of products and solutions for professional radio communications allows for tailoring of each project to individual needs of the users, in order to maintain competitive advantage, minimise implementation and operation costs of the radio system, and improve productivity and work safety. 


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Digital Mobile Radio systems



The system covers a comprehensive package of portables, mobiles, repeaters and accessories, easily customizable to the needs of any organisation. The range of portable radio includes ATEX (intrinsically safe) models for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres.



In 2006 Aksel expanded its activities by offering solutions for the railway market.


Initially it included fuel monitoring systems, and later also the equipment manufactured by Deuta-Werke, a German company – travel data recorders and TFT terminals, based on which the Timetable software was developed as a tool for train drivers.


Our current offer for the railway industry includes:


1. Equipment for new and modernised rail vehicles


2. InterLoco TM - Train Driver and Operation Service Support System, consisting of:


- Aksel ARJ System - Electronic Timetable, interoperable with the Passenger Information System and Passenger Counting System installed in the vehicle.


ASP-2000 Location and Fuel Consumption Monitoring System


- ConSEL™ software - allowing for constant monitoring of vehicle locations and their operational parameters, including fuel consumption or passenger flows.