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The meeting was attended by almost 60 specialists and experts in the field of radio communications for public services.

Temco audio accessories now offered by Aksel

Temco accessories are now available for selected radio models. They include advanced PTT modules, such as Temco DM19, and headset modules, e.g. Temco HG70, Temco HG30 or Temco TM80 throat microphone. Some accessories are also available with an inline PTT on the connecting cable between the headset and the radio. 

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Aksel's special offer on analog ATEX radios

These devices are designed for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres. They are perfectly suited for difficult tasks in noisy environments, during long shifts, in difficult weather conditions and in location with coal dust, explosive chemicals, gas leaks or flammable hydrocarbons.
Users of radios with PL- or 5-tone signalling can expand their fleet with GP340 EX or GP380 EX models, offering features such as call forwarding, low battery level alert, "lone worker" and many others.

* Please contact Aksel's Sales Department for more details.
phone: +48 32 42 95 120
or by e-mail: dh@aksel.com.pl. 

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