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If you do not want to spend too much time, effort and financial resources to program your radios or upgrade the firmware in order to fully utilize their functionalities, please feel encouraged to use our services.


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Aksel's technical service department is equipped with specialised, professional programming tools for both analog and MOTOTRBO digital radios, including IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus systems and Motorola's TETRA terminals.


Please send your inquiry using our CONTACT FORM.

In order to meet your needs, all inquiries regarding technical aspects of our solutions should be sent exclusively using Help Desk forms available on our product pages.



Aksel offers a number of technical training courses, both individual and in groups.


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The training courses cover:

  • Motorola Professional radio series, including radio programming
  • MOTOTRBO analog-digital series – product trainings, system configuration, installation, programming

Should you be interested in our training offer, please submit your inquiry using our CONTACT FORM.

More than 20 years of Aksel's experience in radio communications, thorough knowledge of the market, as well as strong involvement of our employees allow us to implement innovative projects.


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We offer our knowledge and experience to tailor the solutions offered to individual, often non-typical, requirements of our Clients.


We will be glad to have a meeting with you, to find out about your needs and to present the products that can help increase your productivity and safety of your work.


We develop comprehensive radio system designs, we offer consulting services, preparation of radio concession applications, including extensions of current concessions.


If you are interested in using our services, please submit your inquiry using our CONTACT FORM.


Reliable communications is a foundation for every company's success. Do not put your company at risk due to equipment failure. Use Aksel's services and let us repair your radio equipment.


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Let us take care of your equipment, so that you can always rely on your communications system.

Our team of technicians has many years of experience in testing, problem solving, system repairs and modifications, in order to ensure their full performance.

Regardless of repair type – warranty or post-warranty service, replacement of parts, firmware upgrade – our specialists have the knowledge and the tools ensuring a solid service at an affordable cost and always on time.

We repair professional radio communications equipment, in particular Motorola analog and digital devices.

We can also repair other types of radio equipment, after prior inspection.

In order to receive our offer on radio equipment repairs, please fill the form below, and our service personnel with contact you.



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